Austin Rock Gym introduces new course geared toward and taught by women!


We are introducing a new workshop geared specifically toward women. Bailey, with input from several local lady climbers, have put together an amazing curriculum. If you are a Bomber member, this is included with your membership. Otherwise, participation is just $5 per class.

South Austin Rock Gym - Tues. 6-8pm
North Austin Rock Gym - Thursday 6-8pm
South Austin Rock Gym - Sunday 2-4pm
Pre-registration is required. (even if you are a Bomber Member)

We began CupC with the intent of building a strong female climbing community in the Austin area.  Our hope is that we can provide a comfortable environment to introduce women of all capabilities to climbing, promote climbing friendships, and enhance climbing skills. We highlight professional and noteworthy female climbers each class to inspire women in climbing. We wish for female climbers to set any level of goals and provide an environment to foster the encouragement to reach those goals!

Each class includes a Patron Saint (Highlighted female pro climber), lesson/technique work, exercises to practice highlighted skill, as well as a “game” and finish with strength and endurance training.

Programs to Help Scouts Achieve their Merit Badges


Austin Rock Gym and the Capital Area Council have been working together to develop a program not only to offer the opportunity to complete the Climbing Merit Badge, but also to be sure that Scouts are learning and retaining the skills taught through the badge’s requirements. We recognize that there is a lot of information being conveyed, and that some units may be able to complete certain requirements during their regular meetings. With this in mind we offer the program in two four-hour sessions – Ground School and Climbing Skills. Scouts are welcome to take both sessions with ARG’s instructors, or complete the topics covered during Ground School with their unit prior to taking the Climbing Skills session through ARG. Class minimum of 5, maximum of 12.

Ground School: $35 (Covers requirements: 1a-b, 2, 4a-d, 6a-e, 7a-e, 12)

Climbing Skills*: $35 (Covers requirements: 3, 5a-d, 8a, 9a-c, 10a-b, 11a-c)

Outdoor Merit Badge: Earn your badge outside! Climb real rock and enjoy the beauty of our local climbing areas. See our Guiding page for more information.

*This session builds on skills learned during Ground School. Scouts must have completed Ground School (with ARG or Unit) prior to registering for this session.

When: Call for availability – If booked with a Lock-In, each student pays only $15.00 in addition to Lock-In pricing (rather than the full $35) for the class.

Where: Either location (North or South)

Who: Scouts 12 years of age and older who have received Scoutmaster approval.

Other Info: ARG Letter to Scoutmaster and Parents


This 2 hour class covers all the topics needed to complete the activity pen. Scouts will learn about the rock cycle and hardness scale, build a volcano, make fossils, crack open a geode, discuss mountain formation, and learn how this all ties into the climbing world (and they’ll climb too!). Minimum class size of 5, maximum of 12.

Price: $35/scout

When: Call for availability.

Who: Cub Scouts and Webelo Scouts

Where: Either location (North or South)


Our Climbing Camps offer children an unforgettable experience

Indoor rock climbing promotes confidence, coordination and balance, muscle development, teamwork, problem solving skills, and much more in a safe, supportive, and fun environment.

It is our privilege to work with your children; SAFETY PERMEATES EVERYTHING WE DO.

ARG staff will supervise your kids from 9am to 1pm, focusing on the basics of climbing safety and climbing technique. We have developed a fun curriculum that will foster both physical fitness (climbing makes the young ones tired!) and entertaining and engaging climbing related activities. Campers will play games, complete challenges, navigate obstacle courses and fly through the air on a zip-line! Camper to instructor ratio will not exceed 8:1.

The bottom line is that rock climbing is a lot of FUN. Couple this with the direction of enthusiastic group leaders and your child is guaranteed a constructive and unforgettable experience.

Summer 2014 Sessions:

All sessions run Monday – Friday 9:00a-1:00p

Session #1 – June 9-13

Session #2 – June 16-20

Session #3 – June 23-27

Session #4 – June 30- July 4

Session #5 – July 7-11

Session #6 – July 14-18

Session #7 – July 21-25

Session #8 – July 28-Aug 1

Session #9 – August 4-8

Session #10 – August 11-15

Session #11 – August 18-22

Winter Break 2014:

December 22,23,26 – 3 Day Camp

December 29 – January 2

Spring Break 2014:

March 10-14

Where: Either location (North or South)

Who: Campers age 6 and up

One session: $205.00

Three sessions (Summer Only): $515.00 (Savings of $100!)

*Sibling Discount – register 1 child at regular price, and their sibling will receive a 10% discount when registered at the same time!

Non-Refundable Deposit: $75/session/camper

Call to check availability for your desired session/location.

We limit the number of participants to guarantee high quality instruction so do not hesitate to call before the sessions are full!

If interested, please call us at 512-416-9299


Join us for a little Monkey Business, a climbing course for your youngster

imageDoes your child climb everything they can find? If so, this is the class for them. A four-week progressive class for your youngsters, your little monkey will learn about rock climbing and have a lot of fun! Parents will receive a complimentary Belay Training Course so you can share the experience of climbing with your child outside of class! Being able to belay for your child is an important step in showing your support and developing a mutual love of the sport! Registration is required for this course and is limited to 6 participants and needs a minimum of 2.

Price: $99.00

Must pay in full at time of registration.

When: Saturdays 9 -10:00am

Where: Either location (North or South)

Who: Climbers 4 – 7 years of age.

*Gear is provided during class.

If interested, please call us at 512-416-9299


Youth 101 classes offer a comprehensive introduction to teens interested in rock climbing

imageIf you’re between the age of 14-17, and you’re interested in rock climbing, Austin Rock Gym’s Youth 101 course is the place to start.

Youth 101 is a four-week comprehensive introduction to rock climbing designed to provide a solid foundation of climbing knowledge for the beginner. Topics covered include belay training, rope work, knots, introductory climbing technique, reading routes, cross training and more. ARG’s most popular course is the best way to get started and meet new climbers. Registration is required for this course and is limited to 8 participants and needs a minimum of 4.

Price: $109.00

Non-Refundable Deposit: $75

When: Saturdays 10:30am -12:30pm

Where: Either location (North or South)

Who: Climbers 14 – 17 years of age.

*Gear is provided during class.

If interested, please call us at 512-416-9299


A bear and her cub free soloing in Texas. 


Climbing Skills: Top 7 Training Myths


Article by Adam Baxter via thebmc.co.uk

1 - Stronger is always better

Not in climbing. Absolute strength is far less relevant to climbers than relative strength to your body weight. Whilst strength in certain muscle groups is obviously beneficial, having a good strength-to-weight ratio is nearly always more important.

2 - You need to be able to do 100 consecutive pull-ups

Big biceps will only get you so far in climbing, on most routes good technique, finger strength and endurance will be the defining factors. Two words: Steve McClure. I rest my case.

3 - Adam Ondra hasn’t had a rest day in six years

Whilst it’s true that professional athletes might well not have a rest day for over 30 days, that doesn’t mean they’re training the same fitness or muscle group every day. They’re still human; they’d literally fall apart. They will follow strict guidelines of what, how much and how often to train. They will constantly be going through cycles of different exercises and fitnesses to avoid overtraining certain muscle groups and get the ideal amount of recovery.

4 - Warming up is a waste of good training time

Good try. Sorry, a good warm-up prior to climbing has been proven to actually allow you to train for longer at a higher level, together with increasing the speed of muscle contraction, increasing the economy of movement and increasing the range of motion in joints.

5 - Stretching for an hour before climbing is essential

There is some truth in this myth, but only if you actually get your stretches right. Research now suggests that static stretching prior to exercise can actually reduce strength during performance by over 20%. However, dynamic stretching can improve the speed and even strength of contractions. Get it right and you’ll crank.

6 - But climbing’s different, it’s not a sport

Although climbing is highly technical and can be hugely psychologically demanding, it’s still based on fundamental sports science principles. Until very recently the climbing world has been oblivious to this, but you only need to compare the grade of a World Cup final route in 1990 (F7c+) to what it is today (F8c/+) to understand what effect taking heed of these principles has had.

7 - If you can still move your arms, you haven’t done enough

There’s nothing quite like leaving a training session as the (just about) living embodiment of “no pain, no gain”, only to find out the next morning that you’re injured and can’t climb for six weeks. Change your mantra to “leave with something left to give”. You’ll be far less likely to over train, reduce your chances of injury and be able to train more often.